Sunday, September 12, 2010

New Vintage French Arrivals!!!!!

These new arrivals are amazing..... more piece will be posted over the week. Enjoy.

0323 - Stunning Vintage Vitrine Display Cabinet in original gilt. A special piece to display beautiful collections or use in a bathroom for towels & bath supplies. Comes with 2 glass shelves. Circa 1930. 66H x 33W x17D. $3650

0223 - Gorgeous Vintage Vitrine Display Cabinet. An ornate display piece. Repaired back hand right leg. Comes with 2 glass shelves. Circa 1930's. 59H x 29W x 16D. $3125

0123 - Vintage Louis XVI style bedroom Armoire refinished in pale cream. An ornate piece to hide a small TV inside, or in a girls bedroom. Circa 1940's. 70H x 36W x 21D. $2200

N0523 - Darling pair of vintage nightstands in original pale mint with gold highlights and hardware. Lovely simple lines in Louis XVI style. Circa 1940. $1875

N0623 - Absolutely amazing pair of vintage nightstands in Louis XVI style. Original sage crackle finish with gold highlights. Beautiful floral paintings and intricate carvings make this pair unique and special. Circa 1940. 28H x 21W x 15D. $1875

N0172 - Off-white vintage nightstands with a nice hand painted floral detail. Good height. 29H x 22W x 15D. $1250

N0482 - Pair of vintage nightstands in original cream finish with gilt highlights. Very sweet little nightstands. Circa 1940. 26H x 21W x 14D. $1650


Room Service ~ Decorating 101 said...

My good friend linda/mom sent me the link to your Feb.27th post on lighting. I fell in love with the Pheasant fixture JC 9397 ! I would have to sell a kidney to get just wondering if they ever go on sale? I love your stuff, I need to win the lottery. Thanks

Karena said...

Alex those vitine displays are breathtaking!! I love your newest finds!

I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Please do come and enter!!

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