Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Suzanne Kasler's New Look for Fall 2010

The fall High Point was a delight this year.... the excited energy from the buyers reacting to fantastic new product lines from designers carried the market. Hickory Chair relocated to a wonderful new spot and Suzanne Kasler's new line made me smile. The pieces she introduced were perfect in my opinion, and the older items were given a new life with new paint techniques and colors. The hottest color this market was gray in all of its adaptable & amazing shades.

This is the new Simone Bed in a King size. I love this frame. In other picture's I'll point out some great details.

These are the Simone Twin Beds with a wooden headboard. The East Paces Side Table is shown at the foot of the bed in white with gold detail. The Prado bookcase is on the left and the Ansley Chairs at the foot of the bed look awesome in their new 'word' upholstery.

This is a close up of foot of the Simone Bed. Nice carved details and look. What I did not show is the headboard option - to have the ends smooth like the below picture or to have a carved finial.

The curved top Marais benches are on the right. The chair to the left of the Montpelier cocktail table is the Madeleine Slipper chair and the sofa is the Celine Skirted.

The bedside table is the Augusta Chest with an artisan painted finish that was great looking!

I love this shot. The bed is the Candler King (we've all seen it is baby blue and linens etc) but this sophisticated and modern look shows how well this bed can change. Also, the Prado bookcase on the right has a new option - so very smart - the shelf the computer is on has been double in depth so it is now a desk!

I love Suzanne's use of city maps in the huge wall spaces.

This is the Julien Desk... the finish is rich and handsome. The desk chair is the Hunt.

These are the Virginia Arm Chairs and the Virginia Ottoman. In the back are the new Fairmont Storage Columns and painted Tuxedo Cabinet.

The Dalton Library table has great shelves on the ends.

The Julien Game table.

I love the Piedmont Square top dining table surrounded with the painted Belmont side chairs.

The painted Backland cabinet looked fantastic in this finish and so did the Alexandra Side chair on top of it.

The Woodward bench is a longtime favorite.


Windlost said...

What a treat. Thanks for the visit - it was almost like being there. Her line is very very nice. I love so many elements. I really liked the Virginia chairs (in the market for new chair(s) and sofa). Did you sit in it? It looks a little too sloped on the back.

Thanks for sharing! Great pics. Learned lots!

Terri xo

Things That Inspire said...

A bit late to the game on this post, but I loved seeing the pictures. The new bed in SK's collection is really beautiful. Did you happen to notice if there is a support under the bed in the middle? I always wonder how these bedskirt free beds are supported.