Friday, May 6, 2011

Coastal Artisan Dinnerware - Lobsters & Crabs & Shrimp

Barbie Kennedy’s love of the ocean gives her new dinnerware collection an easy going and livable feeling… they make you smile like summer will never end. Her beach collection was inspired by the Low Country where oyster roasts, ice tea, shrimp boils and bogging for blue crabs is a part of life..... to the northern New England coast where lobsters are cooked on the porch by her father "Pop" with family members surrounding him with laughter and love.

Each piece is hand painted, glazed, fired and signed by the artist… and made here, in the United States. Barbie has been making dinnerware for 10 years and her artisan dinnerware line can be found in the beach section in the J. Covington Home store.

This large 12” Blue Crab bowl is stunning in its oceanic blue and green colors. It looks great on the table filled with chilled shrimp or on the shelf as a decorative coastal accent piece.

The Low Country Collection.

Pop 15" Lobster platter .... it comes in a larger size with a 'pair of pounders' - where's the butter?

Blue Crabs ..... all you need is a hand line, net and bucket. If you're lucky you'll land a 'softy' or two.

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