Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Support Local Stores

Just saw this.... so true. Many small stores are having a real stuggle. The number of empty store fronts is getting a bit despressing too. So keep it local when you can and think American made.


5th and State said...

this struggling small independent merchant thanks you!

Renée Finberg said...

american made is the way!!
no doubt.

thank you for you sweet comment.
your store looks amazing!!
i love it!!

i can only hop mine will get to where you are!

Squeak said...

I live in Victoria, BC, Canada, and I NEVER shop in chain stores unless I absolutely have to. Every mall in Victoria has exactly the same stores. What's the point? How many of the same store does any city need?

I love all the little one-off stores in Victoria and Vancouver. My home is furnished almost exclusively in furniture and accessories I've found in independent merchants' stores. I have always supported local merchants and will continue to do so.

Faded Plains said...

I totally agree! By the way...your website is amazing.