Monday, July 20, 2009

More finds from The Atlanta Gift Show - July - # 2

Enjoy - more finds from the Atlanta summer market.

Started day 2 off here .... there were 5 more like this. ...your choice of peach, lemon, lime etc. Whooowee, this really cracked some wallets open!

Met her after the above refreshments.

Liked this hand painted metal side table.

These were cool.


Part of Building # 3.

Loved this.

This made my day. " 2 heads are better than 1."

Loved this timepiece crown.

Frenchy stuff!

Liked this lamp.


sophie dahy designs said...

We were there also and were in some of the same showrooms you photographed [the vodka dispenser in Go Home] looking for new containers and more gorgeous silk flowers. We thought it was a good market this year.

Susan said...


Just found your blog! I also have a store and design business in Canada. The Atlantic Gift Show looks awesome, I wish the Canadian dollar was stronger for buying US items. I'm off to the Toronto Show next weekend. Good luck... Great Blog.

Susan said...

I meant Atlanta...oops