Monday, August 24, 2009

Dogs Paintings

I have a soft spot for old canvas, especially if they are sporting dog paintings. My grandparents are to blame for this as they had classic English hunt scenes and dog paintings throughout their home. To this day, I am obsessed with them....if I was loaded, I'd have serious collecting problems.

Of course the initial appeal as a subject matter is our love of dogs as friends and companions.

Plate 339 – Arthur Wardle – "English Setter" – This is simply glorious. I love the setting with the Scottish Heather.

Plate 306 – From the English School circa 1910 - a delightful working Sealyham Terrier oil on canvas.

Plate 359 – Eugene Petit - "On Point" – I love the pastel palette he used with these bird dogs. Gorgeous.

Plate 254 – Arthur Wardle – “The Order of the Bath” - Wardle truly captured the endearing and mischievous playfulness of the moment.

Plate 319 – Maud Earl – A 1920 canvas of an American Cocker Spaniel after the hunt scene.

Plate 317 – John Nost Sartorious – “Spaniel” – This fabulous work exhibits the ‘rocking horse’ stance that many late eighteenth / earl nineteenth century painting have. I think these are just wonderful.

Plate 127 – Constant Troyon – “Hound Painting” - 1860. This painting takes my breath away… and course its home is the MFA in Boston.

And this is the fine book I borrowed the images from. It is a wonderful book and and dog lover should have a copy.


Tina Steele Lindsey said...

I am with you on old dog paintings. I love both the Arthur Wardle pieces – The Order of the Bath cracks me up. Am also familiar with hte Constant Troyon hound painting. I've done a couple whimsical pieces myself, perhaps one day I'll do an old world style one. Thanks for a lovely post as always.

DesignTies said...

Beautiful paintings :-) Of course, being an animal lover and the owner of three dogs, I'm just a bit partial to paintings of pooches :-)

"English Setter" and "The Order of the Bath" are my favourites :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Windlost said...

I agree, they are beautiful subjects. I have a funny affinity for old paintings of certain subjects too. It I'm not careful, my house could look like an old man's study. I tend to be drawn to ethchings with old fashioned subjects, botanical prints, old landscapes, that sort of thing. These dogs are wonderful...