Friday, October 17, 2008

Fabulous Toile Pillows

Toile fabrics have been produce in masse for over 250 years and show no sign slipping away. These fabulous prints often featured idyllic scenes of the French countryside, hunting scenes, people at work and at leisure, historical moments, botanical and classical reference to Greek and Roman mythology are the classics. If you are looking for a timeless pillow with some classic zest for your living room or a favorite chair, these may be just the answer.

JCCC17200. Charcoal Toile with Creme Brush Fringe. 22" square. $385.

JCCC17210. Charcoal Toile Oblong with Ivory Mingled Sides with Creme Brush Fringe. 18"x25" $455

JCCC17400. Blue/White Toile with Solid Blue Flange. 24" square. $335

JCCC17430. Blue/White Toile Oblong with Off White Brush Fringe. 18" x 25" $325

JCCC17440. Blue/White Toile Oblong with Solid Blue Border with Off White Brush Fringe. 12"x21" $245

JCCC17500. Olive Toile with Chocolate Houndstooth Border with Chocolate Brown Brush Fringe. 24" square. $395

JCCC17510. Olive Toile with Scallion Green Velvet Border with Chocloate Brown Brush Fringe. 18"x25" $355

JCCC17520. Olive Toile Oblong with Scallion Green Velvet Sides with Chocolate Brown Brush Fringe . 14"x18" $ 325

JCCC13160. Aqua Mink Oblong w/ Taupe Velvet Sides/Beaded Gimp. 12"x 21" $355

JCCC13110. Aqua Mink w/ Taupe Velvet Border/Taupe Multi Fringe. 24" Square. $355

JCCC19220. Gold/Black Toile Box w/ Grey Wool Gusset/Gold Cord. 18" x 25" $390

JCCC19600. Chocolate/Blue Toile w/ Toffee Velvet Cord. 24" Square. $320

JCCC19610 Chocolate/Blue Toile Oblong w/ Toffee Velvet Border. 18" x 25" $285

Each pillow is made at the time of the order. The average shipping time is 2 can be longer if the fabric is out of stock. The price includes shipping to your home.


cotedetexas said...

Oh my! these last three posts - one is better than the next. these pillows are gorgeous!

thanks for your great comment, too!! i'm adding you to my blog roll!

J.Covington said...

Thanks Joni...your site always makes my day!

Anonymous said...

Lovely!! What is the name of the charcoal toile? It is just beautiful!! Would love to use it!!

The Stylish House said...

Hi Alex,
These toile pillows are wonderful so rich and luxurious! Everything you carry is such fine quality you definitely have a great eye.